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Have you been wondering what good is it to use a travel douche/enema kit? How do these things help with your hygiene and wellness routine? ?These are all valid concerns especially if you have no idea how enemas work and what it can do for you.

Even though you might have just heard of douching recently, ?it was a common thing to do in the early 1900s. In those days, most women douched regularly to clean up vaginal discharges and prevent bacterial infections. You might be thinking however – is there a good reason to use a douche bag set today?

Using a douche enema bag today

Douches remain quite useful for cleansing the vagina of bacterial diseases. ?Many also embrace the practice after their menstrual cycle to alleviate distress. ?Regardless, it is imperative that you do it appropriately for safe and efficient results.

Before we discuss the steps about how to correctly use a vaginal douche, it might be worth noting that a female’s body is naturally capable of clearing out vaginal discharges by itself. ?Still, that does not indicate that douching is unnecessary as a few people in the healthcare community claim.

An individual must take into consideration the stressful and extremely toxic lifestyle many of us deal with nowadays. ?The body can use all of the help it could get, and it is just for this reason that lots of physicians still recommend douching.

Today, it is easier than ever for women to start with vaginal douching for whatever reason. The simplest method is to get a kit if it like the Surgipack Douche Can 1 Litre Capacity. The kit comes ready to use and includes everything you need to get douching.

So how do you go about using an enema douche bag kit?

Step one is to ensure you are doing it for the right reasons. ?For starters, some girls receive a douche to do away with burning sensations or itchiness in their private parts. ?These are tell-tale indicators of a potential disease and douching alone will not take care of the issue. It would be better to speak with your physician about any vaginal symptoms you are having before you use a douche.

Another important thing which you would wish to think about is a simple fact that douching doesn’t prevent pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases. ?Douches are not contraceptives and girls should perform a douche with the only intention of cleaning the anus or vagina.

Now you have got the perfect reasons covered; it is time to understand how to use an enema or vaginal douche:

  1. ?Begin by washing the exterior of the vagina using gentle soap and warm water. ?Doing this cleanses the outside of any dirt or sweat before getting into internal cleansing.
  1. ?Assess your vaginal douche and be certain that it is not dyed nor creates an unpleasant odour. ???These products have a tendency to cost more but yield safer and better outcomes.
  1. ?Prepare your enema solution; your kit may already come with some, and you will just need to comply with the instructions that came with it. ?One good alternative is to use a natural coffee solution to get a thorough cleansing. Just fill the douche with your enema solution up to the indicated level.
  1. Apply a generous amount of water-based lubricant on the tip of the nozzle then gently insert it about 2 inches into your rectum or vagina. Press the douche to get the fluid flowing into you.
  1. Stop pushing on the douche once you feel a sense of fullness or pressure. Retain the solution inside you for a few minutes then get into your toilet to expel everything.
  1. If you still have an enema solution inside the douche bag, then repeat steps four and five until you have used it all up and that you are confident you have thoroughly cleaned yourself inside and out.

So there you have it – an overview on douching and some general steps on how to do the latter! If you are looking to get started, then we at “Coffee Enemas Australia” can help you get started with everything that you need.Have a look at our enema products and supplies online or phone us now on 0414 064 491 Monday – Friday 9am – 3pm (Please call or email during these hours, if outside these hours please email us.) for any queries or concerns.

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