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Are you interested in a detox solution? Do you want to know what it involves and how you can you actually administer it yourself? These are but a few of the most common questions that people have about colonics. If you?re reading this then you?re probably wondering about the same thing.

In this piece, we?ll look at how colonic irrigations work and what you can expect out of it. We?ll also delve into an alternative to colonic and whether it’s something that you can do on your own. Let?s get right to it!


Professional colonic irrigation in Sydney

Also known as colonic hydrotherapy, colonic irrigation isn?t actually anything new and has been around for centuries. It?s history can be traced as far back as ancient Egypt where it was done in some form. Today?s colonic is certainly much more advanced but the idea is the same – cleansing the colon of clogged faecal matter and toxin deposits!

As the old saying goes – good health starts with the gut and this is true today now more than ever. Thanks to our modern lifestyle, we are exposing ourselves to more toxins than our body can handle. This is evident in our diet which often contains so many preservatives which ultimately find itself lodged in our body; more specifically the colon.

Colonic irrigation works by continuously rinsing the colon with warm water that is gently introduced via the rectum. This unsettles embedded waste deposits ?in the colon and the intestines which is then expelled completely from the body. That?s it in a nutshell, but does colonic irrigation really work?


Cleanse your body with Colon Hydrotherapy

If you?ve done a fair amount of research on colonic irrigation then you?ve probably found that there a lot of people who dispute the effectiveness of colonic treatment. That said, you don?t need a doctor to tell you that having an accumulation of waste and faecal matter in your colon isn?t good for you. This interferes with nutrient absorption and increased toxicity in the body causing a wide range of illnesses from digestive disorders like constipation to debilitating diseases such as colon cancer.

When it comes to colon cleansing, few other solutions are as straightforward as that of colonic irrigation. It is widely touted as the ultimate detox solution and for good reason. It addresses the heart of the problem, lowering toxicity levels by preventing an excessive buildup of waste and faecal matter in the colon. What better proof could anyone ask for?


A DIY alternative to colonic irrigation in Perth?

The idea behind colonic hydrotherapy may seem simple enough and most people can?t help but wonder whether it?s something that they can perform on themselves. Professional colonic treatments don?t come cheap, costing about $100 for every session. It’s not surprising that many are looking for a DIY solution.

That said, there is more to colonic treatments than people realise and it is something that must only be performed by a licensed therapist. Performing a colonic irrigation on yourself without proper knowledge and training almost always lead to complications like kidney failure, colon infection and severe dehydration.

If you must insist on a home remedy then you might want to consider colonic irrigation with coffee. While it?s not colonic per se. it is more of an enema treatment. It shares the same goal albeit with a slightly different approach. Caffeine is directly introduced into the liver using a coffee enema solution administered through the rectum. This has the desirable effect of stimulating bile flow in the liver and loosening stubborn waste deposits in the colon and small intestines. These deposits are then emptied via deep bowel movements along with everything else.

Yet another significant detox benefit of a coffee enema is that it raises glutathione levels in the body – a master antioxidant. Its detox benefits are well known particularly in the skin care industry and while it?s not related to colonics, it helps maintain good health all the same by helping to eliminate free radicals in the body.


Looking to get started with coffee enemas? Perhaps you?d like to know more about colonic irrigation? We at ?Coffee Enemas Australia? would be more than happy to help! Call us today on 0414 064 491 and check out our fine selection of enema equipment and supplies.

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