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Gaining A Deeper Understanding Of Coffee Enemas And Realising The Benefits Of Liver Detox article  image by Enema Kits AustraliaDoes coffee truly hold the power of healing and total liver detox? Coffee beans may look ordinary to me and you, but deep inside, those beans are beneficial compounds that can treat symptoms, prevent disease development and enhance one?s overall quality of living.

Coffee is one of our top favourite morning beverages. The distinctly rich and earthy flavor, the beautiful aroma, and the silky black appearance of coffee got us hooked. But did you know that coffee may also be taken in by the body in yet another way?

According to wellness experts, enema using coffee as a detox solution is a powerful means to restore optimal liver functioning. We are all aware of the vital role the liver plays in our overall health and wellness. It?s a major excretory organ, which means that it strains all toxins and waste materials that circulate throughout the body.

A toxic colon, one that is saturated with toxins from the food, water, and air that we take in, plus the wastes that our cells produce due to free radical proliferation, does not have the ability to perform at its peak. This is where coffee enema enters the scene. According to holistic experts, coffee enema is a tried and tested detox method that can flush away the toxins from the liver, hence restoring it to its optimal functioning.

If you?re curious as to how coffee can promote a liver detox, continue reading.

Why do you need a coffee enema?

If you have long been suffering from medical conditions or have been diagnosed with serious diseases such as cancer, irritable bowel syndrome, autoimmune disorders and the like, a coffee enema could be helpful as it can meet all your detox requirements and so much more.

With the coffee enema procedure, it is believed that beneficial compounds in coffee can flush out all the toxins and impurities that may have dislodged in the liver and other vital excretory organs such as the colon and even the skin. Caffeine and palmitates, the two most important beneficial compounds in coffee are proven to detox the liver so that it can go back to what it does best- filter the blood and flush out impurities through elimination.

Originally, coffee enema was directed at cancer patients who undergo traditional cancer protocols such as chemotherapy and radiation therapy. By removing all wastes from the liver as well as killing free radicals that invade tissues and cells, cancer patients are able to better manage their symptoms during and after their usual cancer therapies.

Coffee enema is part of a comprehensive cancer treatment management developed by Dr. Max Gerson. The Gerson Therapy is an alternative treatment approach for cancer patients who wish to try out non-conventional means of cancer symptom management. It also includes a strict diet which involves the consumption of raw fruits and vegetables in juice form. According to this treatment protocol, cancer patients need to perform coffee enema at least every four hours or six time a day. Supplementation of vitamins and minerals is also an integral part of the Gerson Cancer Therapy.

It is also recommended that healthy individuals perform coffee enema occasionally to ensure optimal liver functioning. By doing a coffee enema once in two weeks, healthy individuals can help the liver to be cleansed thoroughly, thus preventing the development of unwanted symptoms and diseases altogether.

In recent years, coffee enema is increasingly becoming known as an excellent weight loss aid, too! People who want an easy but safe way of being overweight or obese will also find coffee enema helpful in losing weight. According to studies, certain processes that take place during the infusion of coffee solution into the colon triggers a series of gastrointestinal responses that result in regular bowel movement, metabolism boost and restoration of normal digestive functioning. All these outcomes from a coffee enema session work synergistically to produce an immediate weight loss of up to 5 kilos during an initial coffee enema session.

What benefits should I expect to feel or experience after my first coffee enema session?

Naturopaths and wellness professionals have sufficient evidence that summarises the following outcomes as positive wellness benefits for those who perform coffee enema as recommended by their respective holistic wellness therapists:

  • Increased mental alertness and energy levels

The weakness and sluggishness that you are experiencing lately may be caused by an overly toxic liver. When the blood circulating the body is saturated with toxins and wastes, the oxygenation of blood remains at a low. With this in mind, the blood is unable to supply energy to the cells that it passes through. In addition, the accumulation of toxins and impacted fecal matter in the colon exacerbates the situation..

Coffee enema, with its beneficial compounds assists the liver in the efficient elimination of wastes from the blood. Bloodstream free from toxins has the ability to supply the body with enough oxygenated blood, hence high bouts of energy and mental alertness are experienced by those who perform coffee enema as recommended.

  • Liver functioning at its peak

If you want to transform your health for the better, you should seriously consider adding coffee enema to your wellness routine. It may seem weird to infuse your colon with coffee through the rectum, but once you start feeling the positive effects of a coffee enema, performing it at least once weekly will be a painless and weirdly satisfying procedure for you.

The liver function after coffee enema sessions is dramatically improved. How does it work, you ask? Well as caffeine and palmitates reach the liver from the colon via the hepatic-portal vein, it slowly strains all the toxins, heavy metals and impurities from the liver. A toxic liver functions sub-optimally and may even contribute to the development of serious medical conditions such as cirrhosis and cancer.

The entry of caffeine into the liver relaxes the gallbladder, which then triggers the production of more bile. The bile is an enzyme that primarily acts as a fat emulsifier. Increased bile flow also means toxins that are flushed out from bile are carried away efficiently from the liver and up the small intestines. Once all wastes and impurities are collected by the bile, the peristalsis happening in the small intestine will then move it down the colon for further elimination.

The presence of palmitates also stimulates glutathione S-transferase production or GST, the body?s master antioxidant. Its main function is to quench the thirst of free radicals- compounds that damage the healthy tissues and cells of the body. Once the free radicals are quenched, it becomes easy for the liver to flush them away through the bile as well.

  • Helps heal the gut by removing harmful bacteria and preventing yeast infection

The water component of a coffee enema solution stays in the colon and loosens up the impacted fecal materials and debris. The collection of impurities in the colon translates to toxins that have not been successfully evacuated through a regular bowel movement.

The presence of water in the colon stimulates peristalsis and washes away all toxins, including bacteria and yeasts such as Candida that may be thriving in the colon. The natural flora in the intestines are not harmed in any way during a coffee enema procedure.

  • Weight loss benefits

Many men and women who use coffee enema want to lose weight fast the natural way. The increased bile flow and the peristalsis that happens with the presence of water in the colon moves all putrefied wastes and toxins away from the the body.

For people with unhealthy eating habits, testimonials and reviews reveal up to five kilograms of excess weight loss after their first enema session. Subsequent enema sessions also speed up metabolism, increase nutrient absorption, and restore digestive function- all of which contribute to permanent weight loss.

Naturopaths and wellness experts recommend switching to a healthy and balanced diet and regular exercise to retain the weight loss benefits of coffee enema sessions.

Now that you have a better understanding of how coffee enema works and how it can turn your health and wellness for the better, it?s now time for you to pick up the things and ingredients needed to do it yourself at the comfort of your own home.

We have an assortment of enema kits available here, as well as coffee enema beans and solutions that you can buy with just a few clicks. If you have enquiries, you may also reach us on 0414 064 491 today.


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