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Constipation is a common gastrointestinal problem we experience periodically. Although not a serious condition, forcing bowel movement can result in stress and the buildup of toxins in the colon, which then affects other vital bodily processes. One procedure which is guaranteed to treat constipation is Fleet enema. To learn more about Fleet enema, read on.


What is a Fleet enema?


Fleet enema is specific type of enema that utilises laxatives to draw and retain water into the large intestine resulting in immediate bowel movement. In most cases, sodium phosphates are used in Fleet enema formulations as they are effective in clearing the gut of impacted fecal matter and other waste materials.


Fleet enema is also indicated for bowel cleansing before major surgeries including colonoscopy.


How long does it take for a fleet enema to work?


Before a Fleet enema, it is highly recommended to consult with your doctor to ensure it is safe for you. Based on Fleet enema reviews, people who perform Fleet enema on without the approval of their doctor are the ones most likely to experience complications.


It usually takes five minutes after a Fleet enema to feel the urge to defecate. It is best to hold the solution inside as long as you can. At the least, hold the solution for 2 minutes before you evacuate the colon.


How long does it take to empty your bowel after Fleet enema?


Once the colon has been stimulated by Fleet enema, you will experience sudden urge to defecate. The length of bowel movement after a Fleet enema will depend on the volume of fecal matter that has accumulated inside the colon. For instance, some people find it easier to flush all the contents of the gut in 10 minutes, whilst there are others who might take up to 30 minutes before they can fully evacuate the colon.


There are also cases wherein people experience frequent bowel movements within the first 24 hours of a Fleet enema.


What are the options of taking a fleet enema at home?


Performing an enema at home is identical to regular clear water or coffee enema. The only difference lies in the type of solution used during the procedure.


In essence, there are four types of Fleet enema solutions which can help relieve constipation:


  • Fleet Phospho Soda Enema- this refers to a specific branded solution that is used to retain water in the large intestine. It is one of the strongest detox enemas that you can purchase prepackaged.
  • Mineral Oil Enema- as the name implies, this type of enema involves the use of oil-based lubricants which makes it rather easy to get rid of impacted feces.
  • Saline Solution Enema- you may use a regular enema kit when administering a saline solution enema. You only need to use saline solution when performing a saline enema.
  • Milk and Molasses- these natural ingredients are excellent laxatives that soften the stool which may have accumulated along the colon. This enema solution is rather simple to make and does not cause irritation or nasty side effects.


To perform an enema at home, you need to purchase your very own enema kit. If you?re specifically looking for Fleet enema, Call us on 0414 064 491 to find out more!

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