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Are you looking to get started with coffee enemas but are unsure how to go about it? The practice may seem strange, but many people have come to accept it as a viable way of keeping the body healthy and free of toxins. Before we get into the ways of taking a coffee enema though, it is essential to understand why people do it and what to expect out of the procedure.


Why are coffee enemas good for you?


So what is a coffee enema used for and why consider taking it in the first place? You may have heard that coffee enema is right for your body. It is essential to understand why and how coffee taken as an enema affects the body differently from drinking it as people usually do. Only then can you decide if regular coffee enemas are worth your time and money to try out.


As you may already know, caffeine is one of the most potent antioxidants known to man, and it is one of the reasons people love drinking coffee. What is not known to many though is that you can increase its potency as an antioxidant tenfold if taken in the form of an enema. Caffeine skips the digestive process and goes directly to the liver where it increases bile flow throughout the body and roots out toxin deposits that would have been impossible to remove any other way. It is no wonder then that holistic wellness experts often describe coffee enemas as one of the best ways of detoxifying the body.


Coffee enema recipe for weight loss


Apart from its’ detoxifying effect, another popular way of using a coffee enema is to achieve considerable weight loss. While people do not usually think of taking coffee enema as a means to lose weight, it is helpful to consider that the amount of waste and toxic deposits in the body (up to 4.5 kg) can contribute to one’s weight problems.


Another way that regular coffee enemas help with weight loss is that it frees up more of the body’s energy that can be used to burn excess fat deposits. After all, you cannot expect much out of your body when it is heavily burdened with trying to detoxify itself. This would explain why many people just cannot seem to lose weight no matter how hard they exercise or cut back in their diet.


How often to take a coffee enema


Unless you are taking coffee enemas as a part of a holistic cancer treatment (Gerson Therapy), then taking coffee enemas up to 2 times a week is more than sufficient for detoxification and weight loss. Anything more and you risk side effects like caffeine sensitivity, dehydration and bowel perforation. Just like everything else in life, coffee enemas can prove harmful if taken in excess with no medical supervision.


What kind of coffee do you use in a coffee enema?


Perhaps the most critical thing people ought to know about how to make a homemade coffee enema is only to use organic coffee grounds in the process. Regular coffee may look similar enough, but they are often laden with so many chemical ingredients that make them unsuitable for use in an enema. Doing so can be harmful to the body as you may very well end up adding more toxins to the colon and lower intestines.


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