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Are you looking to get a douche bag set but are not quite confident that you know how to use it? Perhaps you are struggling with a stubborn yeast infection and are interested in trying out a more holistic alternative? In any case, it is important to learn its’ proper use and how it works. Only then can you expect safe and efficient results out from enema devices.


The use of an enema douche bag offers a simple and straightforward means of eliminating filth and fungal infections in difficult-to-reach areas of the body.


So how do you douche for feminine hygiene? It is not as difficult as you might think and you can accomplish the latter with a few easy steps:


  1. Soak the douche bag set overnight in lukewarm water for at least ?4 hours. Sterilise the equipment before use. Wash with soap and water afterwards for good measure.
  2. Assemble the device by attaching one end of the tube to the douche bag then fix the nozzle along with vaginal or rectal pipe.
  3. Take the douche bag and fill it with lukewarm water. If douching for yeast infection, you can use vinegar and water cleaner. Secure the bag at a height that will enable the fluid to flow effortlessly through the tube.
  4. Apply a generous amount of Vaseline or any water-based lubricant on the vaginal/rectal nozzle and prepare yourself for the enema procedure. Turn the stop cork on the nose to allow the fluid to flow to your rectum or vagina.
  5. Remove the vaginal/rectal pipe after you have used up all of the liquid. Clean the douche bag set with soap and warm water then leave it to dry before storing.


Where to buy a douche bag?

You can purchase a douche bag set from any medical store selling enema equipment in your area. Better yet, buy what you need from reputable online distributors without having to leave the house. Your douche bag set will then be delivered right to your doorsteps. How convenient is that?


What is a douche-nozzle used for?

The nozzle refers to the part of the douche bag set that is inserted a few inches deep into the rectum or vagina. The purpose is to direct the flow of enema and ensure that it reaches the innermost part washing away filth and cleansing the rectum/vagina.


How do douche bags work?

One thing people ought to know about douching is that it is not a new practice but has been around for centuries. While it may seem strange, no other solutions are as straightforward as that of douche bags when it comes to cleansing the vagina or rectum of bacteria or fungi. Yeast infection in the vaginal area is a particularly difficult problem for many women, many of whom find immediate relief in douching.


The use of vinegar water for yeast infection is well known, and you can expect the same benefit when douching. Apple cider vinegar in particular, has potent anti-fungal properties and highly recommended by holistic experts when douching to treat yeast infections.
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