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Are you diabetic and are wondering what does a coffee enema do for you? Perhaps you are more interested in coffee as a preventive treatment for diabetes? In any case, the medical community has long suspected that caffeine intake reduces the risk of getting diagnosed with diabetes.


A 2012 study by professors from the Huazhong University of Science and Technology in China explains why.


Researchers in the study found that there are specific compounds in caffeine that inhibit the toxic build up of a protein known to be a risk indicator for Type II diabetes. Drinking coffee on a regular basis can potentially help reverse the debilitating process and explains why this form of diabetes is considerably rare among avid coffee drinkers.


Can people with diabetes use enemas?

Yes, and many holistic experts recommend it as an excellent approach to total body detox and maintain a healthy colon. Toxin deposits in the body can cause a broad range of health problems and complications. However, people with diabetes need to be extra careful and must ensure that they have stable blood sugar when taking an enema. Also, coffee enemas can keep you awake so you might want to avoid taking them at night as it might interfere with your sleep.


People with diabetes often struggle with severe bouts of constipation accompanied by high blood sugar levels. An enema can help regulate blood sugar levels and keep it from getting out of control when eating sugar and carb-rich foods.


How to get rid of diabetes fast?

Can diabetes be cured completely? Certainly, and the first step is to eliminate particular foods in your diet if you are to reverse diabetes naturally. All refined sources of sugar need to go as they can quickly trigger a spike in glucose levels. Hence no more fruit juices, soda and other sweet beverages. You can switch to natural sweeteners like raw honey although it might still elevate your blood sugar to dangerous levels. Your best bet is to stick with Stevia if you must have something sweet in your diet.


Other food items you need to eliminate in your diet include:

  • Grains – wheat similar food sources rich in carbohydrates. These food sources are broken down into sugar in a matter of minutes which can potentially cause a spike in sugar levels
  • Alcohol even in small amounts can be harmful to people with diabetes. Beer is rich in carbohydrates and not only raises blood sugar levels but also cause liver toxicity as well.
  • Genetically modified produce such as canola, corn and soy-beans.


To naturally reverse diabetes, you likewise need to add certain foods to your diet which include:

  • Organic food sources that are rich in fibre – veggies, berries avocado and nuts. These food sources inhibit glucose absorption in the body
  • Food items that are rich in omega-3 fatty acids like Mackerel fishes and Herring. These food items help prevent inflammation caused by high glucose levels in the body
  • If you want to reverse diabetes and see results quickly, then you would want to keep a close eye on what you are putting into your body. Focus on introducing high fibre, healthy fat and protein rich food sources in your daily meals.


Exercise as a home remedy for getting rid of diabetes

Another element that most people overlook when seeking treatment for diabetes is regular exercise. It is an important part of boosting insulin sensitivity. Exercise increases the body’s metabolism making it that much easier for the body to benefit from healthy changes in your diet.


To reverse diabetes, you can walk on a treadmill at home for at least 30 minutes every day. You can use the exercise and can prove helpful especially after a heavy meal.

You might also want to consider doing some interval or weight training most days of the week. A good cardio workout lasting 30 to 40 minutes can help burn excess fat deposits and improve insulin sensitivity. Do some weight lifting to build and maintain muscle groups as well as regulate blood sugar levels in the body.
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