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Coffee Enemas ? Detoxing the World One Cup at a Time article  image by Enema Kits Australia

Who knew that coffee can do more than bring our energy up in the morning? The popularity of coffee enema is at an all-time high in recent years. What was once a post-cancer treatment procedure has now grown into a mainstream wellness wonder. You?re here because you want to know more about coffee enema and if all the positive feedback from people you know is actually true.

In this article we will give you the whys, what?s, and how?s of a coffee enema.

It?s not everyday that you hear people talk about coffee enema. A coffee what? Yes, you can definitely us coffee for more than an invigorating morning beverage. Coffee enema is not only trendy but proven to deliver all its claims; from colon cleansing to liver detox. Now we know that not everybody would like to insert plastic tubes into their back side, let alone allow coffee to flow into them via the rectum. But once you?ve experienced the benefits, you will want to make it part of your wellness routine.

How does coffee enema work?

Here are some basics that you need to know about coffee enema detox. One of the most important detoxification pathways of the body is that which happens in three vital organs- the liver, gallbladder and the intestines.

We will try to simplify the process for you so you get a clear picture of its function and importance:

  • The liver?s primary function is to process and neutralise toxins that enter the body. In essence, the liver converts toxins into compounds that are easier to eliminate without causing potential damage to the rest of the body.
  • Our liver creates a compound known as bile. The bile?s main function is to guide the toxins out of our system. It also serves as a fat emulsifier- a key compound for the proper digestion of fats.
  • When not in use, the bile is stored in the gallbladder. It is released when we consume food items that contain fat. Bile is flushed out of storage and then flows to the small intestine where it emulsifies itself with the fats. Finally the toxins are carried out from the liver and away via the intestines.

As you can see, this detoxification pathway is one of the most important processes of the human body. Unfortunately, certain activities, substances, and conditions compromise this important detox pathway at every stage.

Our bodies are now exposed to harmful toxins more than ever. We are surrounded by toxins, even the food that we eat contains some harmful chemicals. As a result, the liver gets overburdened and needs to work harder to break down toxins, resulting in liver toxicity. The quality of oils in the food that we eat also has affected the quality of bile that liver produces. Due to the continuous onslaught of toxins, our bile has become thick and sludgy, leading to gallbladder dysfunction, indigestion, and ineffective detoxification. The prevalence of indigestion and other digestive conditions has contributed to improper elimination of waste by the body.

With all these things happening at the same time, how can a simple coffee enema work to bring our natural detox pathway back on track?

So where does coffee enema come into this?

  • Coffee contains caffeine, which in turn stimulates the bile for proper elimination. The palmitic acids found in caffeine also helps in stimulating the production of an enzyme called, glutathione S-transferase. This enzyme is also known as the body?s master detoxifier. This compound binds to harmful wastes as it leaves the body for good. In short, the beneficial compounds found in coffee helps to ramp up the liver?s detox process.
  • A coffee enema also triggers the gallbladder to produce bile in the intestines. This process then stimulates peristalsis or the movement of the smooth muscles of the gastrointestinal system, leading to easy and efficient bowel movement. In addition, coffee enema also stimulates the production of enzymes that stop bile from being reabsorbed back into the liver. Coffee enema ensures that the toxins exit the body as soon as possible. Although the body?s main reaction is to re-absorb and re-circulate bile to conserve energy, this is not the most ideal process these days as our body suffers from an overload of toxins on a daily basis.
  • Coffee enema is not limited to liver detoxification only. In fact, it is also an efficient colon cleanser. The astringent quality of coffee helps in stripping down accumulated mucous and toxins that line the intestinal walls. The water component on the other hand stimulates the movement of the smooth muscle lining of the intestinal walls (peristalsis). Regular bowel movement is an expected outcome of using coffee for enema detox.

So you may be asking now, how can coffee compounds from the colon make their way to the liver?

We have a network of veins, the enterohepatic system, in the colon that connects the colon to the liver. The portal veins in the enterohepatic circulation carry vitamins and minerals from the intestine and to the liver for further breakdown. The nutrients and everything else absorbed by the enterohepatic system are circulated throughout the body via our bloodstream. Caffeine in coffee is picked up by the portal veins and carried directly to the liver, which then triggers the detoxification pathway.

Is drinking coffee not enough to deliver the same detox effect?

A straight answer for this question is NO. Why? Upon ingestion, the coffee compounds travelling along the digestive system are broken down instantly in the stomach. The healing properties of coffee are already long gone before it arrives in the colon.

Consequently, when you introduce coffee via the colon, the liver immediately absorbs all of its healing properties, and thus people who perform an enema get the best results from how they use their coffee.

Myths about Coffee Enema

  • Coffee enema kills all the beneficial bacteria in the gut

There is no proof that coffee enema can wipe out the gut flora. In some cases, a coffee enema actually helps in maintaining a healthy beneficial bacteria population in the gut.

  • People can suffer from bacterial infection caused by a contaminated enema kit

Just like everything else, it is important to enforce strict sanitation measures when attempting to insert any foreign object in the body. Common sense dictates that an enema kit should be cleaned and sanitised prior to use. All enema kits provide care and cleaning instructions, so be sure to follow them at all times.

  • You can suffer from serious burns from using coffee for enema

Nobody in their right minds will introduce hot coffee into the colon. You need to make sure the coffee solution is at room temperature before you can use it for enema. In addition, you can?t use a cold coffee solution either as this may cause a shock to the gut.

  • Coffee enema causes electrolyte imbalance

Due to the diuretic effects of coffee, you can experience electrolyte imbalance if you don?t follow post-treatment instructions properly. Since you are expected to eliminate wastes and toxins following an enema, holistic experts advise increasing the water intake after enemas to prevent electrolyte imbalance from happening in the first place.

  • Coffee enema can result in dependence

Whilst some people can experience dependence when using laxatives, this is not a problem when you use coffee enema to treat constipation and other gastrointestinal problems.

  • Coffee enema can cause damage to the rectal canal

As tubing is inserted into the rectum, many fear that such an activity can cause rectal perforation. Again, you will need to follow the instructions and make sure all items needed are at your disposal. You will find that a lubricant is a requirement when performing coffee enemas. This is to ensure easy, painless, and safe entry of the tube into the rectal passage.

Who should not use coffee enema for detox?

Although coffee enema is a safe and natural detox technique, the cases enumerated below are instances wherein coffee enema is contraindicated.

  • People suffering from serious medical conditions should consult with a doctor first and confirm if an enema is something they can tolerate or go through without complications.
  • If you have a serious case of toxicity, it may be ideal to start with a clear water enema than jumping to the more complicated process of coffee enema.
  • For people who are diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome, colon cancer, or other form of inflammation, it may be best to consult with a doctor first.
  • Pregnant and lactating mothers are not advised to take coffee enemas.
  • Young children should not have a coffee enema.

Now that you have everything that you need to know on how coffee enemas work, it?s time to prepare for your first ever session at home. Click here to check out our high-quality and affordable coffee enema kits. If you have further questions, do not hesitate to call us on 0414 064 491.

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