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Have you considered taking a coffee enema to detoxify your body? As if the majority of people do not find the practice odd enough, such a procedure calls for injecting something up through the anus. Look past it though and you might just benefit from a proven and holistic approach towards total body detox. Many health experts recommend it over so-called detox supplements and for good reasons.

Now coffee enema instructions are not as strange as you might think and the practice is not anything new. It has been around for centuries, and historians have recorded many mentions of it in ancient medical text from the Hindus, Egyptians and Greeks. It was not until the early 1930’s that the idea was taken further by a German-American doctor named Max Gerson who studied coffee enemas as an alternative form of cancer treatment deeply rooted towards reducing toxicity levels in the body. You may be hesitant to try it but think about it – all that history and the sheer number of coffee enema reviews you will readily find on the web cannot be wrong.


Simply put, the procedure calls for organic coffee taken as a form of enema prepared through the following steps:


  1. Boil a quart of purified water in a pot then add in 2 to 3 tablespoons of organic ground coffee
  2. Allow the solution to boil for additional 3 minutes
  3. Let the solution cool down to a safe and comfortable temperature. It should be no hotter than a baby bottle when transferred to a home enema equipment ready for use.


As you can see, preparing a coffee enema recipe for detox is not difficult at all, and you most likely have everything you need at home. Apart from detoxification, the solution also yields other desirable benefits such as coffee enema for weight loss. It is one of many reasons why coffee enemas are well worth considering as a part of your health regimen.


How do coffee enema kits work?

At this point, you probably have your coffee enema solution ready along with the rest of the equipment and supplies needed for the procedure. So how does it work and what good does it do to inject caffeine up through your anus?

Now coffee, when taken as an enema, affects the body differently as drinking your morning brew. Caffeine is more effectively absorbed the body through an enema and in much higher concentrations. In a few short minutes, the bloodstream carries the caffeine to the liver where the power of coffee enemas come into play.


The power of coffee enema detox

Following rapid absorption by the liver, coffee enemas detoxify the body in various ways. ?For one thing, caffeine carries detox enzymes that quickly lowers toxicity levels in the blood stream. The presence of coffee in the liver also causes the bile ducts to expand and accelerate the flow of bile. The latter in turn, aids in the liver’s ability to filter toxins and prevent a buildup of waste deposits in the colon which often lead to a broad range of dreaded diseases.


Coffee enema as an alternative cancer treatment

Of course, nothing else shines the light on coffee enemas as a detox treatment quite as much as its reputation as a holistic cure for cancer. Although the medical community continues to contest the use of coffee enemas as an alternative cancer treatment, it is a known fact that cancer cells thrive in a toxic environment.

Now Science has long admitted that we all carry a tiny amount of cancer cells in our body or at least mutant proteins of it from DNA damage. Fortunately for most people, these cells are kept in check by a healthy immune system and hopefully never get the chance to develop into full blown cancer. It is logical to conclude then that if one can detoxify the body so effectively, it is possible to keep cancer growth in check and leverage the body’s natural ability to reverse the dreaded disease. It is just what coffee enemas offer and well worth considering especially as a preventive measure against cancer growth.
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