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Would you like to learn about the benefits of taking coffee enemas? What are some of the things that you need to know about the procedure? If so, then you are in the right place! We encourage you to read on and find out some of the benefits of coffee enema and how to go about the process safely and efficiently.


A few significant benefits of coffee colonic irrigation

What is a coffee enema in the first place? Well, it is what it sounds like; injecting a caffeinated solution deep into the colon and liver through the rectum. Why would anyone want to do that? There are plenty of perfectly good reasons. Look past it, and you might just benefit from one of the most potent holistic health regimens available to man. How exactly is this so?



What are enemas for? Coffee is an excellent antioxidant and it is one of the reasons why people drink them as they start their day. What most people do not realise though is that it works even better when introduced directly to the liver using an enema.


The body rapidly absorbs the caffeinated solution and is carried by the bloodstream to the liver where it boosts bile production purging away toxins and waste deposits that would have been impossible to eliminate any other way. Hence many people turn to coffee enemas to regularly detoxify their body and rid themselves of embedded waste and faecal matter that over time, may lead to a broad range of debilitating diseases.


Fairer and healthier skin

Another factor that makes coffee enemas such a powerful antioxidant is that it also raises the “glutathione” levels in the body; an even more potent antioxidant and one that is highly sought after for its desirable effect on the skin.


People spend thousands of dollars on glutathione supplements and injections just to improve the colour and texture of their skin. With coffee enemas, you can get the same benefit at a fraction of the cost and improve your overall health in the process.


Holistic cancer treatment and prevention

Many people turn to coffee enemas as an alternative form of cancer treatment and preventive measure, and it is perhaps its most significant benefit (and a controversial one at that).


Coffee enemas are an important part of “Gerson Therapy” which is an alternative form of cancer treatment developed by a German-American doctor named Max Gerson. In 1928, he theorised that if cancer growth can be attributed to increased toxicity in the body, reducing the latter can be instrumental in preventing, controlling and ultimately reversing the dreaded disease. He developed a system for accomplishing the latter with several doses of coffee enemas along with a raw diet that strictly consist of natural fruit and vegetable juices.


He published the result of his work with 50 case studies involving patients suffering from a wide range of debilitating illnesses – tuberculosis, cancer and much more. All of the said patients showed remarkable improvement shortly after the treatment with most of them making a full recovery and declared cancer-free.


Coffee enema as a solution for weight loss

A surprising and less known benefit ?which often surprises people about coffee enema is that it helps with weight loss. After all, enemas are not exactly the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to losing weight. However, a colon and liver that is burdened by increased toxicity takes up much of the body’s energy such that hardly any is left to burn off excess fat. Such a condition would explain why some people find it difficult (if not impossible) to lose weight no matter how hard they exercise and keep track of their diet.


You can take a coffee enema to jumpstart your weight loss efforts and maximise results of regular exercise and a low-calorie diet. You might just find that it makes all the difference as the procedure improves your body’s metabolism and eliminates toxic deposits that have long weighed you down.


How often should you do a coffee enema?

This will depend on your reason for taking a coffee enema. Once or twice a week is sufficient for people that rely on coffee enemas as a detox or skin care regimen. As an alternative cancer treatment though, a patient can go through as many as 4 to 5 coffee enemas per day to drastically reduce toxicity levels in the body.

Looking to get started? Perhaps you have questions like how to make a coffee enema and experience the benefits mentioned above for yourself? We at “Coffee Enemas Australia” would be happy to help! Call us today on 0414 064 491.

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