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Have you decided to try coffee enemas but aren?t quite certain how to get started? How do you choose the right coffee enema for you? It?s a good question. After all coffee lies at the very heart of the procedure. Fortunately there?s not much to look out for and all that matters is that you use an enema solution created from organic coffee beans.

It?s a requirement in coffee enemas to only use organic coffee for the procedure. It does not matter what type of coffee beans you?re using (Arabica or Robusta) as long as you?re not using regular and heavily commercialised coffee. It might be tempting to do so as the latter is cheap and easily accessible but think about all the chemicals used just so the companies producing them can keep up with the demand. Traces of these toxins linger when used as an enema and injected deep into the body which is sure to do more harm than good.


The Health Benefits of Coffee Enema Therapy

So What are the benefits of coffee enemas? Well as long as you?re using an organic coffee enema solution, you can expect the procedure to do your body a lot of good. Perhaps the best known benefit of coffee enema is detoxification and it?s not at all surprising once you?ve learned a thing or two about how it works.

It?s a well known fact that coffee is a good antioxidant; it?s one of the reasons people love to drink it. Of course that is in addition to its desirable effect on the mind, improving one?s mood and giving us the energy and focus that we need to go through our day. What most people don?t know though is that coffee is much more potent when taken through an enema and absorbed by the body quite differently.

Coffee enema for liver detox

What makes coffee enema so beneficial to the body is that it introduces caffeine directly into the liver boosting its detox functions by increasing secretions in the bile duct. This alone unsettles waste deposits in the colon and intestines that may have accumulated over the years and are impossible to remove any other way.

Yet another detox benefit of coffee enema is the fact that it raises glutathione levels in the body. A ?potent antioxidant, a side benefit of the detoxifying action is to improve skin condition. Coffee binds free radicals in the body which can cause a wide range of skin problems.


Coffee enema for cancer treatment

A benefit of coffee enema worth considering is alternative cancer treatment and it is for this reason alone that coffee enema treatment was developed by Dr. Max Gerson in the early 1930s. He developed the Gerson Therapy which contained coffee enema instructions for holistically treating his cancer patients.

Although the use of coffee enemas in cancer treatment is heavily contested by the medical community, none can dispute the logic behind it. Doctors have long admitted that the growth of cancer cells can be attributed to raised toxicity levels in the body. Coffee enemas serve to address toxicity by detoxifying the body flushing out waste deposits that have accumulated into the colon and intestines.

Would you like to learn more about what coffee enemas can do for you? Perhaps you?re looking to get started and want to buy your own enema equipment and supplies? We at ?Coffee Enemas Australia? would be more than happy to help! Call us today on 0414 064 491 or browse through our available selections online.

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