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Chlorella, also known as chlorella vulgaris, was discovered as early as 1890 and is one of the oldest known superfoods on the planet. A green microalgae, chlorella gets its name from the rich green colour derived from the high chlorophyll content, which is also mostly responsible for the health benefits.


However, there?s a lot more to the amazing chlorella benefits, as you will discover in this post.


Chlorella Health Benefits for Women

Chlorella is one of the few superfoods vegans consider as the source of complete protein. It is also rich in vitamins and contains minerals such as zinc and iron.


If you conduct a search for the best chlorella reviews, you will find that these are the main chlorella health benefits for women:


  • Disease Protection: Chlorella contains large amounts of Albumin, a protein which is produced in the liver and guards the body against a number of diseases.
  • Improved Mineral Utilisation: Minerals such as iron and magnesium play an important role in keeping the body healthy. By improving the utilisation of minerals from food sources, chlorella helps in combating anaemia by increasing iron levels in blood cells.
  • Improves Functioning of Digestive System: Conditions like bad breath and irregular bowel movements are symptoms of a poor digestive system, which can be improved by a regular intake of chlorella powder.
  • Reducing the Risk of Cancer: Chlorella increases the level of interferon. This helps in strengthening the body?s immune system and its ability to fight cancerous cells.
  • Maintaining pH Balance: Unhealthy food habits and some medications can cause the body to become highly acidic, which can lead to a number of health problems. Regular consumption of chlorella helps in maintaining healthy pH balance which is around 7.2 to 7.4.
  • Normalised Blood Sugar and Blood Pressure Levels: High blood sugar or blood pressure can trigger a number of serious conditions including diabetes and strokes. These conditions can be avoided by maintaining healthy blood sugar and blood pressure.

Chlorella Detox

Aside from channeling minerals and vitamins into the cells, chlorella helps in extracting harmful pollutants and toxins out of the system. It is widely acclaimed as an effective detoxifier of heavy metals and chemicals because of its high chlorophyll content.


Research has also revealed that Chlorella algae contain special compounds in its cells which detoxify harmful chemicals and some unwanted substances in the body.


Since chlorella binds with toxins, it is best to start by taking small amounts of powder daily and gradually increase the dosage over a few weeks.


Best Organic Chlorella

As you have seen, organic chlorella has excellent health benefits, however, it?s important to buy your products from a reputed supplier, so you can be assured that it contains the level of nutrients which have been listed on the label.


It?s important to know that there are not too many chlorella producers in the world who provide the material to manufacturing units. Only reputable companies ensure they follow the correct manufacturing process to ensure consistency of ingredients in their products.

If you?re looking to introduce chlorella as part of your health regimen or want to top up your supplies with a quality product, Love Thyself is one of Australia?s trusted natural health product you can rely on for high-quality products. You can call us on 0414 064 491!

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