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What is a coffee enema and what does it have to with cancer treatment? If you are reading this, then you have probably heard about how coffee enemas are a holistic alternative to chemotherapy which often brings as much harm to the body as the cancer cells that doctors intended to eradicate. So is there any truth about the matter? Let us find out!


Coffee enemas – more than just liver cleansing

People often try taking a coffee enema for weight loss and detoxification yet it is capable of so much more – stopping and eliminating the growth of cancer cells! As a matter of fact, the renowned Dr Max Gerson developed the treatment for precisely that purpose in a holistic cancer regimen that he ultimately called “The Gerson Therapy”.


So how does it work and why is there a need for a more natural form of cancer treatment in the first place? These are excellent questions and are well worth investigating before investing any amount of time and energy on the said treatment.


Coffee enema versus chemotherapy

The traditional approach to treating cancer cases in the medical field is chemotherapy. The latter calls for bombarding the body with chemicals and radiation in the hope of stemming the growth of cancer cells and eliminating enough of it for the body to bounce back cancer-free. In many cases, chemotherapy does work with a success rate of about 60 percent. Unfortunately, the harsh treatment not only kills cancer cells but healthy ones as well. In some cases, chemotherapy is as much to blame for the death of cancer patients more than the disease itself. ?One cannot help but question if there is a better way to fight cancer and that is where coffee enemas come into play.


How does coffee enema help with cancer?

As an alternative cancer treatment, the goal of taking coffee enemas is to thoroughly detoxify the body and harness the human body’s natural ability to reverse dreaded diseases. ?Even doctors agree that cancer cells tend to grow out of control due to environmental factors. All cancer patients tend to have abnormally high toxicity levels in the body. A state that is not at all difficult to reach with an unhealthy diet rich with preservatives and a stressful lifestyle. Hence an all important step when it comes to cancer treatment is to reduce the number of toxins currently inside the body drastically. A coffee enema is a wonderful way to do just that! How is this so?


When taken as an enema, caffeine does not have quite the same effect as when you drink it orally. It?s active ingredients permeate the colon all the way to the liver where it instantly quickens bile flow and drags significant amounts of toxin deposit out of the body. Such an effect gives the body’s immune system ample opportunity to control and ultimately reverse the growth of cancer cells without harming perfectly healthy ones.


Of course, coffee enemas alone are not enough to stop the growth of cancer cells. One must also make sure that no additional toxins enter the body, in particular through a patient’s diet. Hence you will find that in Gerson Therapy, holistic experts administer coffee enemas once every 3 to 4 hours and a strict diet regimen which consists exclusively of organic fruits and vegetables.


Looking to get started with a coffee enema kit for cancer prevention and treatment?

Are you convinced of the merits of taking a coffee enema as a holistic approach towards cancer treatment and prevention? We at “Coffee Enemas Australia” would be happy to help you get started! Phone us today on ?0414 064 491 for any questions and concerns or browse through our online selection of coffee enema products.

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