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A man suffering from constipation, Image by Coffee Enemas

Did you know that you can heal bowel irregularity with an enema kit?

How long does it take for an enema to work? How do enemas help with digestive problems? These are perfectly good questions that are well worth considering if you are looking for a holistic and efficient solution for your recurring bouts of constipation.


Enema for constipation

An enema kit can be the answer towards treating just about every digestive disorder but only when you go about it the right way and for the right reasons. If you repeatedly suffer from chronic bowel irregularity and have tried nearly everything else to no avail, then enemas might be just the ideal solution for you.

How exactly is this so?

To understand how enema helps with severe constipation, it is necessary to learn about how it works and to consider a few crucial points when taking an enema to treat problems with bowel irregularity.

Enemas work by cleansing the colon and lower intestines of embedded faecal matter and toxins which if often the cause of bowel irregularity. The liquid used in an enema kit serves to soften and loosen impacted stool providing much-needed relief immediately after the procedure.


What is the best enema for constipation?

You can use different types of liquids for an enema procedure from medicated saline solution to ordinary tap water enemas. Choosing the right one depends on the desired results. There are at least seven natural enema solutions that you can use at home which include lemon juice, epsom salt and coffee enema just to mention a few. For beginners, the latter is highly recommended and for good reasons.

In the case of constipation, most enema experts agree that organic coffee is the best enema for severe constipation. In addition to colon and intestinal cleansing, a coffee enema also serves to boost bile production in the liver making it that much easier to eliminate embedded waste and faecal matter which lies at the root of your discomfort.


Precautions for performing an enema at home

Now that you have a good understanding of how enemas help with constipation, you would do well to learn about a few precautions that you need to consider if only to prevent any adverse side effects of taking an enema to treat constipation.


Here are a few related concerns attributed to taking an enema as a treatment for bowel irregularity:



People are bound to lose a significant amount of fluid over the course of taking an enema which makes dehydration a real concern. However, you can just as easily prevent such a side effect by making sure that your body is well hydrated. Take at least two glasses of water before starting the procedure.



Introducing just about anything internally to your body almost always carries an amount of risk regarding possible infections. Hence you would want to make sure that the enema equipment that you are using to treat constipation is clean and sterile.

Now that you have learned about the precautions mentioned above, it is well worth pointing out that complications attributed to taking an enema at home are considerably rare as long as you take the necessary steps to prevent such problems.

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