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The Coffee Enema Protocol?

Are you wondering about where to get a coffee enema and how you can start with the practice? How does it actually work and what are some of the things that you need to know about the procedure? These are all perfectly good questions and something that might be of great interest to you if you?re totally new to coffee enemas.


Now you generally have two options when it comes to getting a coffee enema treatment. One is to have the enema professionally administered by visiting any of the number of hydrotherapy clinics in Australia. That said, the cost of repeated sessions can be expensive and people generally aren?t too keen about having a stranger inject some liquid up through their rectum. A more practical solution would be to pick up your own enema kit and administer the enema yourself from the comfort of your home.


Home Coffee enema instructions

It?s not as difficult as you might think and a coffee enema kit generally contains everything you need to get started. This includes your general coffee enema instructions as well as information on what kind of coffee to use for enemas. In any case, you?d want to make sure that you only use the organic variety. Caffeine quality in regular coffee is inferior to it?s organic counterparts, not to mention trace elements of chemicals and preservatives. ?You might just end up introducing more toxins instead of detoxifying your body. Follow the instructions that come with your kit to the letter; these instructions may vary depending on the type of enema equipment on hand.


An organic coffee enema works because its a highly potent antioxidant and one that is more effectively absorbed by the body through the rectum. The compounds in the caffeine stimulate bile production in the liver that helps move embedded waste in the colon. The caffeine also boost glutathione levels in the body; yet another highly potent antioxidant and one that is highly sought after for it?s desirable effects on the skin.


Some frequently asked questions about coffee enemas


How often to do coffee enema?


Yet another matter that may concern you is how often do you have to administer an enema to reap its benefits if you do get into the practice? Well that actually depends on your reasons for taking it. Most people get a coffee enema as a detox solution or to help them lose weight. In this case, administering the procedure at least once or twice a week is more than sufficient.


For people that look to coffee enemas as an alternative cancer treatment, holistic health experts recommend taking a coffee enema up to 6x a day or once every 3 hours (Gerson coffee enema instructions).


When is the best time to do a coffee enema?


People can take a coffee enema at any time they please although it is strongly advised not take the procedure before bed time. Caffeine absorption may make it difficult for people to sleep resulting to insomnia and irritability during the day.


Looking to get started? Perhaps you?ve got a few more questions of your own? Check out ?Coffee Enemas Australia? today and learn everything that you need to know about where to get a coffee enema!

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