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With some of the best beaches in the world, excellent food and wine, one can hardly complain about living a relaxed lifestyle in Perth. One of the sunniest Australian cities, Perth is home to many overseas visitors who just couldn?t bear the thought of leaving.

Despite the envious and relaxed lifestyle, Perth can be counted as one of the Australian cities where more people are falling victims to Inflammatory Bowel Diseases (IBD) such as Crohn?s Disease and Bowel Cancer.

It is estimated that in Australia around 61,000 are affected by IBD. About 28,000 suffer from Crohn’s Disease and 33,000 suffer from ulcerative colitis. Unfortunately, things don?t appear to be getting any better. It is estimated that the number will grow to 100,000 by the year 2023.

What?s also unfortunate is the increasing incidence of the disease in younger people.

Why Colon Related Diseases Are On the Rise

Colon related diseases arise from hardened faeces in the colon, which turn toxic. When the toxins reach the bloodstream, the ability of important organs to function effectively diminishes, leading to a host of life threatening illnesses.

Pollutants in the air and water, chemicals present in cosmetics you commonly use, lack of exercise and a poor diet are the main reasons why people contract colon related diseases.

If you?re feeling lethargic, sluggish and frequently constipated it may be the beginning of something more serious and you should be concerned.

An important first step you need to take is to soften and flush out the hardened faeces inside your colon. A simple way to do this by an enema and all you need is a quality enema kit and a clean bathroom you can use.

If you?re wondering where to buy enema kits in Perth, you can easily get one online. This work out to be a cost-effective option as the enema kit will be delivered to your preferred address.

Cleaning Your Colon ? Is Enema the Only Option?

While a detox diet can help in the temporary relief from constipation, it does little to clear the toxic waste inside the colon. Another option is to use laxatives, and you may already tried using enemas bought from your local pharmacy.

Laxatives may be useful in relieving constipation; however they can be habit-forming and could lead to poor bowel performance. Similar to detox diets, they too fail to target the root cause of the problem, which is getting rid of accumulated toxic waste.

Some doctors recommend colon hydrotherapy, which is a process where a large volume of water is pumped through the anal passage into the colon. The process is administered by a qualified hydrotherapist under the supervision of a medical practitioner. If you aren?t comfortable with a hydrotherapist being involved, this may not be the right choice for you.

A colon hydrotherapy can be quite expensive and you also need to quite expensive, and you also need to factor in the time you need to take off work to visit a health facility.

Colon hydrotherapy, like an enema targets the root of the problem, and is an accepted ?practice to detox the colon. You need to be aware though, that there?s a risk of bacterial infection and ?bowel perforation. Either of these can lead to long-term health problems.

The Rise in Popularity of Enemas for a Colon Detox

Although enemas have been around since ancient times, they have become increasingly popular and even celebrities have begun to use them. The reason for the popularity of enemas is their cost-effectiveness and the ease of administering the process. Of course there?s also the convenience of doing the enema in the privacy of your home. If you?re wondering where to buy enema kits in Perth, you can get one online without having to leave home.

If you?re wondering how to get started, you can start with a coffee enema, which is one of the most popular enemas. A coffee enema kit comes with the coffee solution all ready for you so you don?t need to brew your own coffee for the enema.

Coffee contains Glutathione S transferase, which attaches itself to the toxins and flushes them out with coffee during a bowel evacuation.

If you?ve never had an enema before, use a lesser volume of the solution, and gradually increase it to a level you are comfortable with. Regular enemas will not only leave you feeling refreshed and energetic, but safeguard you from diseases which arise as a result of toxins in your colon.

If your work requires you to travel to different parts of Australia or overseas you have the option of buying disposable enema kits in Perth. These are convenient to use in your hotel or other accommodation. They are also lightweight and take up very little space in your bag. Once you have completed the enema, you can dispose of the kit quite easily.

Ready to Get Started With an Enema?

Get rid of toxins the fast, safe and natural way.

Choose from a range of quality enema kits suitable for both women and men.

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If you?ve been feeling sluggish, lethargic and don?t seem to have the energy to get you through the day, forget those extra cups of coffee and try a coffee enema instead. You don?t have to look far to find out where you can buy enema kits in Perth.

Now you know what to do, don?t keep it off any longer. Why take the risk, when you can clean your colon, feel energetic and ward of colon related illnesses.

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