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For most of us, drinking a cup of coffee is a great way to start the day. Coffee is a much loved beverage due to its deliciously addicting taste and aroma.

Did you know that coffee can provide more wellness benefits when taken via the rectum? If you?re curious about how you can achieve natural detox with coffee, continue reading!

What is a coffee enema?

A coffee enema is an all-natural wellness procedure which serves two purposes:

  • Flushes out waste materials which have built up in the colon
  • Stimulates the production of the antioxidant, glutathione, for more efficient detoxing

The procedure for this type of enema is similar to that of traditional clear water enema. The only difference between these two most common types of colonics is that coffee enema, as the name implies, makes use of coffee beans.

In this detox technique, the coffee solution is inserted into the rectum for at least five minutes. The main indication of a coffee enema is chronic constipation. Traditionally, a clear water enema is procedure conducted in the hospital prior to surgeries.

Besides water and coffee, other liquids that are used for enemas are mineral oils, saline solution, and soapy liquid solution.

According to reviews from people who swear by its miracle wonders, coffee enema promotes a higher state of wellbeing. When executed properly you will experience all round wellness.

What?s in your coffee?

Coffee enema offers numerous health benefits. For instance, Cafestol Palmitate in coffee triggers the production of Glutathione S-Transferase, which in turn opens the bile duct located within the liver. The production of the master antioxidant, Glutathione, inspires the release of more bile resulting in better digestive processes.

The three other compounds in coffee that are said to have healing or therapeutic benefits are:

  • Theobromine
  • Theophylline
  • Caffeine

All of these ingredients in coffee dilate the blood vessels and open up the bile duct for effective cleansing.

Due to the many benefits which can be derived from coffee enemas, holistic wellness doctors are prescribing this procedure as an alternative therapy to provide relief for an assortment of problems.

Coffee enema is the only technique which offers excellent therapeutic benefits at an affordable price. All you need to do is purchase a home enema kit to start experiencing the life-changing outcomes from a regular coffee enema.

Aside from detoxifying the liver; weight loss, improved digestion, and mental clarity are additional benefits of using a coffee enema.

The type of coffee beans used should be an important concern for people who are only starting to unravel the health benefits of enemas. One option is to prepare your very own coffee concentrate at home. The ingredients and tools are very simple and straightforward. Organic coffee beans are preferred to ensure optimal absorption of nutrients directly to the stomach.

Are enemas good for you?

The answer to this question will depend on the purpose you intend using an enema for, the equipment you use and how well you follow the recommended process of a coffee

Doing an enema at home

Doing an enema at home can be very messy for first timers, but once you get the hang of it, you will want to do this on a regular basis.

Main Benefits of an Enema

  1. Reduce serum toxins levels

One of the major selling points of performing a coffee enema is the reduction of blood serum toxins. Coffee enema helps in clearing out the colon and other integral organ systems whilst nourishing the cells of the body.

Here are blood serum toxins lowering measures benefits:

  • Improved cellular energy production.
  • Stimulates cellular regeneration
  • Improved blood circulation
  • Speed up tissue and cell repair
  1. Treat Illnesses

Many of the medical conditions we have in modern society are caused by two things: toxicity and deficiency. You can address toxicity and find ways to battle deficiency.

  1. Liver Detox

Coffee enemas help with increasing the detoxing capabilities of the liver.

In fact, coffee concentrate can trigger the production of Glutathione S-Transferase ?which is proven to restore liver and impart up to 700% detox.

  1. Encourage the free flowing of bile

Coffee contains compounds that are meant to increase bile flow from the gall bladder. Bile is the main chemical that waste materials and toxins bind to before getting eliminated from the body.

  1. Blood cleansing power

When done properly, a coffee enema should be held inside the body for at least 12 minutes. During this time, the body?s blood supply passes through the liver at least 4 times picking up poisons and wastes. The liver functions similar to a dialysis machine as it efficiently cleanses the blood of impurities.

  1. Liver repair

Our liver, being the main detoxification unit in the body, suffers through an onslaught of blood saturated with toxin and waste products. It?s the liver?s job to get rid of these foreign materials, in order for it to function optimally.

Since the liver does not stop its detoxification function, it struggles on a daily basis to function at it?s peak. The liver becomes more inflamed and toxic as we age. If you want your liver to function optimally yet again, you need to perform coffee enema at least twice weekly.

  1. Mental clarity

With coffee enema, you can now say goodbye to brain fog forever! A lot of people who perform an enema regularly report that their motivation for regularly doing the procedure is to have high levels of positive energy and mental clarity.

How to do an enema at home

If this is your first time doing an enema, it is imperative to understand the fundamentals of this technique as well as the importance of performing it properly to experience the best wellness results.

1. Prepare your enema kit and liquid solution

Whether you are performing a clear water enema or a coffee enema, you should have your own enema kit. Never share your kits with others, not even with family members. This is to avoid cross contamination or infection.

2. Buy organic coffee

If you?re doing a coffee enema, make sure to purchase the organic variant. Never use regular caffeinated coffee for enemas. In addition, if you are performing clear water enema, make sure to use lukewarm distilled water.

3. Prepare the coffee concentrate

Take 3.79 liters of water and one tablespoon of organic light roast coffee. Boil the mixture for five minutes on high heat. After boiling, reduce the heat and let it simmer for an additional 10 minutes.

4. The enema in the bathroom begins!

The bathroom is the perfect place for an enema because you have quick access to the toilet. It is less messy to do it on the bathroom, too!

If you are having problems with holding your coffee concentrate, here are some pointers:

  • You will commit mistakes during the first few coffee enema sessions. That?s all right. Practice indeed makes perfect.
  • Once you get familiar with how to perform an enema, you can start moving around to produce peristalsis or makes your bowel movements regular.

Are there any adverse reactions from using coffee enema cleanse?

Those who suffer from sensitivity issues may find that using coffee concentrate via the rectum is irritating. The symptoms are quite minor and should never stop you from performing an enema.

Before you start to include coffee enema as part of your wellness routine, make sure to visit your doctor. This way, you don?t have to worry whether it?s safe for you and you?re not taking any undue risks.

Lastly, make sure to eat a healthy diet, get regular exercise and adequate sleep in combination with coffee enema. You will not reach your wellness goals if any of these factors are neglected.

Enjoy optimal health that you?ve always desired for yourself with the help of coffee enema. Click here if you want to take advantage of our special deals on coffee enema kits. You?ll be glad you made the purchase today!

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