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Is it only recently that you have heard all about coffee enemas as a health regimen? If so, then you are probably either fascinated with the practice or sceptical about it. In any case, such reactions are understandable. Why take coffee as an enema when you can just drink it as you normally would?


What does a coffee enema do for you?

One thing about coffee enemas that people do not realise is that it affects the body differently. ?For one, the caffeine does not have to pass through the body’s digestive system and go to the liver directly where it becomes much more potent as an antioxidant. Hence, it is clear that there is a good reason for people to take coffee through an enema.


So why give yourself a coffee enema? While the process might seem unpleasant, there are several benefits that you would do well to consider. You will find that the holistic practice is not as bad as you might think


So what are the benefits of a coffee enema?

Indeed coffee enemas have the potential to do much good to one’s body but only if you keep your mind open to the practice. How often you should do a coffee enema depends on the results that you wish to achieve. In most cases, taking coffee enemas once or twice a week can do wonders for one’s health and well-being.


Read on to learn about a few significant benefits as touted by countless reviews about coffee enema before and after results online:

  1. Coffee enema testimonials for detox and cleansing

Regular coffee enemas cleanse the colon by clearing toxic deposits and parasitic organisms in the body. An enema accomplishes this by improving bowel functions and making it that much easier for the colon to expel its contents thoroughly. Hence holistic doctors often recommend it to patients struggling with constipation and other metabolic disorders.


  1. Coffee enema for weight loss

Coffee enemas can help you shed as much as 2.25 kgs of weight immediately after the procedure. Losing that much waste and faecal matter in the gut also means that the body does not need to spend as much energy on detoxification. Hence it is much easier for the body to burn off excess fat with regular exercise and a healthy diet.


  1. Coffee is an even more potent antioxidant when taken as an enema

You can introduce caffeine directly to the liver through an enema where it protects against oxidative damage. Once injected through the colon, coffee becomes a powerful antioxidant more potent than vitamin C or E.


  1. Coffee enema raises glutathione levels in the body

Caffeine contains palmitic acids that boost the production of glutathione S-transferase enzymes in the liver. As you may already know, the latter is yet another powerful antioxidant known to eliminate toxins and cancer-causing free radicals in the body.


  1. Coffee enema has a choleretic effect on the body

Bile flow rapidly increases after taking a coffee enema which is yet another benefit. Unlike most other choleretics on the market, caffeine has a powerful detoxifying effect which makes sure that the toxins in the bile get eliminated before the body has the chance to reabsorb them.


  1. Calms the nerves

Regular coffee enemas have a relaxing effect on one’s nervous system. Many people find this hard to believe considering that coffee is a popular stimulant. However, the rapid removal of toxins from the body contributes to this effect.


  1. Cancer prevention and treatment

We all know that cancer cells thrive in a toxic environment. Hence it only makes sense that driving down toxin levels in the body can help prevent and even reverse the growth of cancer cells. In a holistic cancer treatment known as “The Gerson therapy”, patients take coffee enemas 6 to 8 times a day and subsist on a strict diet regimen that consists exclusively of organic fruits and vegetables.


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