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Australians rank 42nd in the world when it comes to coffee consumption at 3 kg per capita. ?On average, that is 2 to 3 cups of coffee per person on a daily basis.


Of course, the statistics above are hardly surprising. Australians love coffee, and if you are looking for evidence, all you have to do is check your Instagram in the morning. You will most likely find numerous pictures showing just how much people love their caffeine fix in the morning.


Of course, you do not need to check your social media accounts to see how much people love coffee. Walk out into the busy city streets, and you will find many coffee shops and come across people from all walks of life with their favourite cup of coffee in hand.


Less common uses for organic coffee beans in Australia


Indeed, coffee is perhaps the most popular beverage loved by people all over the world. However, did you know that you can make proper use of organic coffee beans in Melbourne in other ways without drinking it? Caffeine offers other advantages that are well worth considering.


So what are the other benefits of using organic coffee?


  1. Hair Treatment

There is no need for you to spend big money on hair care products if you want shiny and healthy-looking hair. If you buy wholesale organic coffee in Australia, you can use spent coffee grounds as a hair treatment product by mixing it with your favourite hair conditioner. Apply the concoction to your hair and leave it on for about 20 minutes. The stimulating properties of coffee can help your hair grow healthy and beautiful.


  1. ?Restore wooden furniture

You can use your favourite coffee brands in Australia to repair cracks on your old wooden furniture. Just mix three tablespoons of ground coffee with a small amount of water. You will then come up with a mixture of a paste like consistency that you can apply to seal the cracks. The results look natural and mimic the appearance of a wooden finish. Just wipe off the excess with a cloth and buff it with wax to get your furniture looking like new.


  1. Fertiliser

Do you have a green thumb and a small garden outside your home? Do not throw away your spent coffee grounds as you can reuse them as fertiliser to help your plants grow. Certain plants like rose bushes love coffee because of its high pH levels. Just make sure you cover the coffee grounds completely to prevent moulding and oxidation.


  1. Facial cleanser

Coffee can act as an excellent exfoliant and eliminate dead skin cells from your skin. Just mix one tablespoon of ground coffee with a bit of water and apply them onto your face in a circular motion. Leave it on for at least 5 minutes before rinsing off thoroughly.


  1. Organic coffee for enema cleansing

The idea might sound strange to most people, but coffee is perhaps the best form of enema and can help maintain good health and well-being.


Doctors have used coffee enemas as early as the 1800s as part of post operative care for patients who have undergone abdominal surgery. The practice can help restore and cleanses the colon along with other notable health benefits such as:

  • liver detox
  • antiparasitic treatment
  • pain-relief
  • improved digestion
  • improved cognitive functions
  • increased energy levels
  • weight loss
  • and more


Are you looking to get started with the coffee enema lifestyle? We at “Coffee Enemas Australia” would be happy to help! Call us today on 0414 064 491 or browse through our selection of enema products online.

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